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Methodological Reports

Below is a list of the in-depth methodological papers from PMA2020.

Methodological reports:

PMA2020 RE Effects Methodological report > This report is the first in a series of Methodological Reports that aims to explain and contextualize PMA2020 methodologies. It focuses on the unique socio-demographic profile of PMA2020 REs (from Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda) and examines potential differential reporting trends introduced by acquaintance between the REs and the survey respondents. 

Examining Discrepancy in Contraceptive Use Between Two Household Health Surveys in Ethiopia: EMDHS vs. EPMA > An analysis that compares key family planning indicators between the Ethiopian MiniDHS and PMA2020/Ethiopia surveys. The report was written by an independent consultant, Dr. Yared Mekonnen.