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Burkina Faso Round 4 Results Dissemination

PMA2020 Survey Results Bring Together Data and Advocacy for Family Planning Monitoring in Burkina Faso

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Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020 (PMA2020) is a smartphone-based survey platform that collects nationally representative family planning and reproductive health data in real time, on an annual basis. Policy makers and stakeholders use the data to track progress. One example is in the heart of West Africa – Burkina Faso. In June 2017 the PMA2020/Burkina Faso team met with the Groupe Technique en Santé de la Reproduction (GT/SR), a technical working group made up of public sector and civil society representatives, established to monitor the country’s progress towards their family planning strategic objectives.


Over several rounds of PMA2020 data collection in Burkina Faso, and following numerous Track20 consensus meetings focused on working with governments to collect, analyze and use data for improving family planning policies and plans toward the global FP2020 goals (an additional 120 million modern method users by 2020), the Ministry of Health Division for Family Health, which also leads family planning programming for the Ministry, along with the GT/SR, have begun to rely on PMA2020 data to track progress towards reaching a 32% modern contraceptive prevalence rate by 2020 and other family planning and reproductive health goals.

The Institut Supérieur des Sciences de la Population (ISSP), the PMA2020’s implementing partner in Burkina Faso, presented the PMA2016/Burkina Faso Round 4 survey results at a dissemination event with this group. It was an opportunity to present key themes in the data that aligned the group’s priorities. The event also highlighted the ways in which PMA2020 data can be used for advocacy as well as programs.

During this event, the Advance Family Planning (AFP), an evidence-based advocacy initiative that aims to increase financial investments and political commitments to ensure access to quality family planning, and their in-country partner Equilibres & Populations (EquiPop) shared also a policy brief advocating for the scale-up of the community-based Sayana Press distribution pilot using PMA2020’s Round 4 data. In addition, ISSP and PMA2020 colleagues presented data on implant use and discontinuation in Burkina Faso, as well as indicators on menstrual hygiene management.

This collaborative effort between PMA2020 and AFP demonstrated how data can influence advocacy and policy decisions. It helped solidify participants’ commitment to use the data and allowed for an open discussion about future data needs to better track national progress as well as individual programmatic activities.

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