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PMA2020 Francophone Teams Exhibit South-South Collaboration through Joint Data Management Workshop

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While most people were prepping for the holidays last month, data management teams from two of PMA2020’s Francophone geographies, DRC and Niger, were busy organizing a collaborative data management workshop. The Niger team – consisting of co-data managers Abdou Maina and Ibrahim Maazou– hosted the workshop at the offices of the “Institut National de la Statistique du Niger (INS)”, PMA2020’s implementing partner in Niger. Maazou and Maina were joined by DRC Data Manager Michel Kayembe Bikulu and Assistant Data Manager Maurice Kabango Mutuale.

Throughout the workshop, the data managers set goals to exchange knowledge and skills through hands-on activities and training, with the aim to ultimately reinforce their capacities in terms of managing and analyzing PMA2020 data. They exemplified true South-to-South collaboration and continued the teamwork-oriented spirit from the PMA2020-wide data management bootcamp held in Baltimore last summer.

“We were inspired by all of the valuable knowledge we gained at the bootcamp last August at Johns Hopkins, and the activities that allowed us to work with the other Francophone teams,” explains Maazou.

“So when our DRC colleagues shared with us their idea about this workshop,” adds Maina, “we were very excited!”

The timing of the workshop was ideal, as the Niger team was in the middle of data cleaning and analysis for the third round of data collection in the country. The workshop was specifically designed to focus on tasks such as improving the DRC team’s understanding of do_files (statistical commands from the STATA software that yield data analyses outputs), producing and correcting error reports, and creating both two-page family planning briefs and Snapshot of Indicator tables.

SS_2_1.jpgMichel and Maurice expressed, “Our ability to work with and understand do_files has improved, and it was helpful to familiarize ourselves further with the outputs and publications, which our work is essential for.”

Both teams were highly engaged in the workshop, going above and beyond what a typical workday entails. The DRC team traveled internationally during the end-of-year holiday season, and the Niger team enthusiastically extended themselves past their scope of work to develop a detailed agenda and provide highly useful and focused training to the DRC team.

The entire PMA2020 family applauds Maazou, Maina, Michel and Maurice for their dedication and commitment to deepening their technical competence as data managers. Congratulations to the teams also for taking initiative to work together and learn from each other, displaying what true teamwork looks like.

PMA2020 plans to adopt more South-South collaborative approaches in the future as a way of building the capacity of and providing training to in-country teams.