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GPS Datasets

About PMA2020 GPS Data:

PMA2020 GPS data include one GPS coordinate per enumeration area, not at the household level. In order to protect confidentiality of survey respondents, the GPS coordinate is displaced by a random amount in a random direction, and the displacement methodology is available: English, French. The dataset contains the enumeration area ID, which can be used to match the EA-level GPS coordinates with the household/female dataset.

Geographic information provided in the household/female dataset is limited to the enumeration area, the primary sampling unit, and the largest regional identifier (region, state, county, etc.), allowing for national and sub-national estimates.

Please note that GPS dataset requests can take up to 7 business days for approval. GPS datasets are only available for certain countries. See a list of all PMA2020 datasets available.

Data Codebook:

A standard PMA2020 codebook is available here. GPS-specific codebooks are provided with the approved dataset zip file.

Please describe the objective of your research or study. The description must be at least 50 words.
How will you use the GPS dataset for your research or study? Describe the plan for analysis. The description must be at least 50 words.
GPS datasets are not available for all countries. See a list of all PMA2020 datasets available. Select the requested country GPS dataset below.
Conditions of Use
Please read and accept the following conditions of use: User will not make any attempts to identify or contact survey respondents. User will not publish results in a way that could potentially identify respondents. User will keep datasets on a secure computer where unauthorized users cannot access them. User will not use the data for any other purpose than the study indicated above. User will not release the data to anyone other than the above listed researchers with the prior approval of PMA2020. Any individual researcher or research institution, with whom PMA data are shared, is not permitted to transfer the data to any other agency without prior written permission from the responsible country director at the PMA2020 partner institution. Analytic access to data is limited to the uses specified by individual(s) who are approved. As PMA2020 has very limited capacity to respond to requests, user support to the public is not provided. User will not use the data for any marketing activity. Users are requested to submit an electronic or hard copy of any reports/publications resulting from PMA2020 data.