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PMA2020/Rajasthan is collecting data in 147 enumeration areas, for a survey sample that is representative of the state population in both urban and rural areas. PMA2020/Rajasthan is implemented by the Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) University in Jaipur, with endorsement and technical support provided by the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW).

Survey progress: 4 rounds of core data collection and 1 round of the abortion modeul completed. Access PMA2020/Rajasthan publications here. Request access to datasets here.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Anoop Khanna


Dr. Anoop Khanna, a public health expert and researcher, currently works as Professor at IIHMR University in Jaipur. Dr. Khanna has a PhD in Sociology. He is an expert in Health Management Information System (HMIS), monitoring & evaluation (M&E), large-scale surveys, database management and analysis. He has carried out more than 30 evaluations and research studies on various health programs and projects in the last two decades, authored many research papers in national and international journals and published two books. He has been involved in carrying out and coordinating projects funded by UNFPA, PLAN International, PATH International, Futures Group International, SIFPSA, European Commission, WHO, UNFPA, USAID, NIDI, Johns Hopkins University-USA, UNICEF and CDC, CRS India, the Government of India and other state governments like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. He has organized various training programs in the areas of reproductive health, family planning, HMIS, M&E, research methods and design and gender.


Program Manager: Danish Ahmad


Danish Ahmad holds Master’s degree in Social Work from Aligarh Muslim University. He has extensive research experience in Public health. In the past, he had worked as a Research and M&E Consultant for Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health. He has experience of overseeing large scale surveys like National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4), District Level Household and Facility Survey (DLHS-4). He also worked in several family planning projects across the country.


Data Manager: Narendra Singh Shekhawat


Narendra Singh Shekhawat works in the data management unit at IIHMR. Narendra holds a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Information Technology from Rajasthan Technical University. Narendra has over four years professional experience including two years in public health research. He has been working as a Data Manager with PMA2020 since the project was implemented in Rajasthan in 2015.


About our Partner Institute

Lead Implementer: Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR)


Established in 1984 in Jaipur, IIHMR is the first of its kind in India, with attention solely focused on health systems management. Recognized by Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Finance and Government of India as a Research Institution, Accredited to International Hospital Federation & Association of University Programmes in Health Administration.

The IIHMR University is a specialized Research University in management research, postgraduate education and training exclusively in the health sector. The University aims to generate new knowledge and technologies to provide evidence and inputs for developing effective policies and health interventions and strategies. The origin of the IIHMR University has its roots in pioneering and significant contribution of Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), Jaipur in the last three decades to policy and program management research, and capacity development in health and hospital management in India and South-East Asia, which has enabled it to attain the status of a university. The IIHMR University has a mission to improve the standards of health through better management of health care and related programs through management research, education, training and institutional networking in a national and global perspective in the health sector.

Over the last 30 years, IIHMR, working as a WHO Collaborating Centre for District Health Systems and designated as an Institute of Excellence by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has played a major role in promoting and conducting health policy and program management research. The Institute has been instrumental in a paradigm shift in the management of health care and hospitals in India.

IIHMR University is the field organization responsible for implementation of both PMA2020 and the National Family Health Survey in Rajasthan.