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PMA2020/Kenya is collecting data in 151 nationally representative enumeration areas throughout Kenya. The project is implemented by our partners at the International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya.

Survey progress: 6 rounds of core data collection completed; 2 round of nutrition data collection completed. Download PMA2020/Kenya publications here. Request access to datasets here.


Principal Investigator

Dr. Peter Gichangi

medium_Kenya_Gichangi_0.jpgDr. Gichangi is the Country Director and Director of Science and Research at International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya (ICRHK), which collaborates with the University of Nairobi on broad areas of HIV, gender based violence, family planning and reproductive health. His research background and professional experience include reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, gender based violence and TB/HIV and project implementation and management. Dr. Gichangi holds a masters degree and PhD in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Gichangi is also the Principal Investigator for the Missed Opportunities in Maternal and Infant Health (MOMI) project in Kenya.


Senior Technical Advisor & Data Manager

Mary Thiongo

IMG_1652_0.jpgMary Thiongo leads the data management unit at the International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya (ICRHK). She is the in-country data manager for PMA2020 in Kenya. Mary’s professional background includes extensive experience in data management and database development. She was a data manager for several multi-country randomized controlled trials. She also has helped develop protocols and standard operating procedures for data management. Mary holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Kenya Methodist University. She is also a member of The Association for Data management in the Tropics (ADMIT), an international data management group.


About Our Partner Institutes

Lead Implementer: 

International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya (ICRHK) 

University Partners:

Moi University 

Jaramogi Oginga Ondinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) 

Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) 

University of Nairobi 

Government institutions:

National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) 

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)