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PMA2020 Nutrition Service Delivery Point Data Analysis Summary (En)

Report Date:
September 13, 2018
Program Country:
Report Summary:

nutrition-sdp-writeup-EN-cover.pngFrom May to August 2017, PMA2020, in partnership with International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya and the Institut Supérieur des Sciences de la Population in Burkina Faso, conducted a survey on nutrition status and service provision. The survey was made up of two parts: first, a survey of children under five years of age and women between the ages of 10 to 49 years in sampled households; and second, a survey of facilities that provide health-care services—also known as service delivery points (SDPs). The household surveys are nationally representative, whereas the SDP surveys are not. This five-page document provides a summary of key findings from PMA2020 Nutrition in Kenya and Burkina Faso, as well as information on the facilities analyzed, definitions of indicators, and how the indicators were defined.