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Stories from the Field | Mugisha Dorothy

Dorothy-Mugisha_RA-edit.jpgThe moment I was offered the opportunity to work with PMA2020 as a Resident Enumerator, I was excited about this new project I was going to be a part of.

As we finished training and we were dispatched, it was an opportunity to put theory into practice and to enhance my interviewing and people skills. During my mapping and listing exercise the community was overwhelmingly welcoming as they would offer me what to drink, where to sit and when it came to household and female interviews, I received warm gestures and it made my work enjoyable and worth it.

Most households were interested about the study, hence it made it easy for me to get clear and accurate responses from the respondents. Also, one of the leaders of a local council was of great help, introducing me to a field guide who took me around the enumeration area during the study.

During my data collection process several events occurred, like rain falling while moving from one household to another, having to find shelter from neighboring houses. The sampled selected households were given soap as an incentive and this was received with great appreciation and happiness as they are looking forward for when the next round would be done.


My field placement has been an incredible experience and avenue for me to learn more and practice my field skills with the guidance and support from my supervisor. I had an opportunity to grow both as an individual and as a team player to realize my true passion in community participation and to appreciate the work we do with communities.

I want to thank the Principle Investigators of the study, the Central Team, my fellow Resident Enumerators and lastly my supervisor for the great assistance and guidance that I received during my data collection exercise.

Thank you.


PMA2020's blog series, Stories From the Field puts the spotlight on our in-country teams, highlighting the incredible perspectives of our resident enumerators, field supervisors and central team.