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PMA2020 uses innovative mobile technology to support low-cost, rapid-turnaround surveys monitoring key health and development indicators. PMA2020 collects a nationally representative sample of data from households and service delivery points in selected sentinel sites, to estimate health indicators on an annual basis in 11 pledging FP2020 countries. 

PMA2020 generates data on an array of health and development indicators, including: 

- Family Planning

- Key Water, Sanitation and Hygiene indicators

- Menstrual Hygiene Management

- Diarrheal Disease

- Women and Girls Empowerment

- Primary Health Care (Ghana)

- Schistosomiasis (Uganda)

- Nutrition (Kenya and Burkina Faso)

- Maternal and Newborn Health (Ethiopia)

PMA Agile and PMA Plus are two projects that expand on the innovations that work from the PMA2020 platform in several countries.

PMA Agile is a continuous data monitoring and evaluation system, collecting data at quarterly intervals each year on overall health service delivery environment with emphasis on family planning and contraceptive service provision at the health facility level in multiple countries, largely in urban areas. The project uses mobile data collection methods to track information on health facility performance and impacts from large-scale projects on their intended results. The PMA Agile system captures information flows on urban reproductive health that is timely, flexible and adaptable, as well as cost-efficient.

PMA Plus is an expansion project of PMA2020 aimed at gaining critical understandings of women, adolescents, men and couples’ decision-making about fertility and contraceptive intentions and use to improve estimation of key FP2020 indicators.